Monday, January 18, 2010

Mike S Adams

Mike S. Adams latest article is about how difficult it is to be a Conservative in a College environment, and how heroic it is for those Conservatives to stick it out. As a heroic Conservative in a college environment he loves writing these articles, which are, essentially about how heroic he is.

But there's something else.
I think you should take a digital tape recorder to your classes and record the strong emotional reactions, otherwise known as nervous breakdowns, when your professors hear about your ideas.

. . . I want you to begin right away with an attitude of going on the offensive. This is easy to do effectively by simply asking tough questions while they are in front of an audience of students.
Basically Adams doesn't like most of his colleagues and encourages his college readers to humiliate them. It makes me wonder if some Campus Conservative Heroes, like Mr. Adams, maybe create their own problems?

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