Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Racial Strawmen

John Hawkins latest article is about how there is very little Racism in America anymore. He notes that the racial scares being brought up lately aren't really racist, but his pickings are pretty slim. He brings up people who said that comparing Obama to the Joker was racist (when in fact it is moronic (my analysis, not his)). He brought up Jeanine Garafalo's assertion that the Tea Party members were racists (several months out of date there, and of course he didn't note that some of the signs presented at these meetings were in fact racist). He notes that the word Socialist isn't Racist (which apparently someone said that it was (what he seems to have actually said was that some conservatives are attempting to give Socialist the same emotional resonance as the N-Word). And he brings up the recent health care debate, as one article noted that the poor and minorities (often the same people) will benefit more from nationalized health care than the wealthy and the white (often the same people).

You know what he doesn't bring up? The Birthers. Those people who believe that President Obama wasn't born in this country and is thus ineligible to be President. But I suppose that would run counter to his point; it's hard to paint racism as a liberal fantasy when you have actual racists out there.

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