Saturday, August 01, 2009

News from the Past - August 1, 1929

I'm not sure this counts as news; more aphorisms from the past. These are from the Blockton News, Blockton, Iowa.
We don't pursue, happiness, so much as we do comfort.

No book about nature Is too long, for a nature-lover.

If you don't want pies eaten with a spoon, don't make that kind.

Don't say "no" to children unless there is imminence of breaking an arm.

A man, generally speaking, will not tell all about his past, unless he's teased.

Who would think of employing absolute candor toward one he felt a deep affection for?

If one never talked "baby talk" to a baby, would the baby speak plainer English at the age of three?
Oh well, I guess you need to fill up the paper somehow.

Oh and I'm guessing you can say no to a child if there is imminence of breaking a leg as well.

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