Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Myths

Michael Barone's latest article takes on the the difference between Liberal supporters of improving health care and Conservatives supporters of the status quo and tort reform. He determines that Conservatives are better than Liberals through a process I like to call "wishful thinking." Specifically he believes liberals don't really know or care much about health care; they just want to see Obama win one.
I can't help doubting that these activists have given long and deep thought to "government option" health insurance or negotiating, as the Obama White House has, nonaggression pacts with pharmaceutical lobbyists and the like.

They sound much more like a crowd at a stadium, eager for a touchdown and not caring much whether it's accomplished by a quarterback sneak or a runback of a punt.
Of course this is against a backdrop of liberals being very angry with Obama for taking single payer completely off the table and probably removing the Public Option from the bill as well. He contrasts this apparently staunch support for Obama with Republicans who have studied the bill and know what it says.
In contrast, those who are opposed are motivated to show up and express their anger, and in far greater numbers than the hapless Republican Party or the various health insurance companies could ever muster.
Yes, they are motivated to show up and denounce mythological Death Panels and Obama as Hitler. That doesn't necessarily speak to their understanding of the bill; frankly in some cases it looks more like they don't trust or like Obama and want to slam into him.

Oh, and apparently at least one Insurance Company is encouraging its employees to attend the townhalls, according to a post at Talking Points Memo.

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