Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For years I had to wade through articles insisting that Liberals were mentally unstable or unhinged in their attacks on President Bush. I don't doubt that there were some articles that went a little over the top in their attacks on President Bush; I pointed a few out from time to time.

That said, Brent Bozell's latest article on President Obama rivals anything liberals said about Bush.
Obama's so egotistical he thinks America has two historical eras, Before Obama and the Glorious Now. After sitting through a 50-minute diatribe from that communist thug Daniel Ortega, who ranted that America had unleashed a century of expansionist aggression, Obama's response wasn't national, just personal: "I'm grateful that President Ortega did not blame me for things that happened when I was 3 months old."

. . . American reporters saw this as a glorious moment. Time's Tim Padgett said the hate-America gift was appropriate, because Obama "proved at the Trinidad summit to be the first U.S. president to get it." Obama "gets" the America-haters.
The first thing that jumps out at you reading this article is just how much Bozell hates Obama.

But secondly, he has know knowledge of Latin American History; he doesn't realize or care how much Latin America legitimately resents the United States. We have acted aggressively in that part of the world for decades, and they want to be sure we don't go back to those ways. Bozell doesn't know that, or, if he does, doesn't care.

Getting along with Latin America involves acknowloging our history, which Obama is willing to do. The fact that Bozell doesn't like it, and wishes Obama believed in the childish version of America where everything America does is great (except when a liberal is around), well, as I said, it's kind of childish.

In other news we discovered another planet. Two actually. The LA Times has the story.

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