Thursday, April 02, 2009

Is What You See What Is?

Politically speaking, the answer is oftentimes no. Take, for example, Matt Barber's latest article, in which he rails against RNC Chairman Michael Steele for his relaxed attitudes towards homosexuality and abortion.

The Homosexuality section is a humdinger; apparently Michael Steele does not consider homosexuality a choice, which Barber then conflates towards supporting Gay Marriage. But then he unloads on Steele in more of a general way.
The American people demand much more. They have forsaken the GOP because it first forsook them. Yet the party’s ideologically emaciated leaders remain oblivious to the obvious – blind to the political sustenance aplenty that pelts thick skulls like manna from Heaven. If the GOP ever wishes to reverse its spiral into the abyss of irrelevancy, it must, in word and deed, make a bold, unapologetic return to the fiscally conservative and socially conservative policies that fueled the Reagan revolution.
It must be very comforting to Barber to believe this in these dark times for conservatism. But I suspect the American people are neither as conservative as he would like them nor as liberal as I would like them.

This theory requires him to believe that the American people either 1) wanted conservatism but McCains weakness and Obama's deception confused them to the point that they thought Obama was the more conservative candidate or 2) wanted decisive leadership, and Obama was stronger at projecting that, while modern republicans look like wishy-washy wimps. The first requires you to believe that Americans are conservative but pretty stupid. The second I can see, though.

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Random Goblin said...

I think stuff like this is great. The more that people like this guy are certain that what America wants is unlimited lassiez-faire capitalism, the Bush Doctrine, and the religious Right, the more he will make people like himself completely irrelevant.

I do think that Americans are a pretty conservative lot. But I don't necessarily think they're conservative in the way this clown wishes they were.