Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why 2010 might be hard for Democrats

I noted yesterday that I agreed with John Hawkins that 2010 might be a tough on for Democrats. The reason is simple; the Liberal Base may feel that they are poorly served by Obama and Democrats in Congress. And if they feel that their issues and values are given lip service at best, well they may stop showing up at the ballot boxes.

Consider these words from Glenn Greenwald.
Part of the political shrewdness of Obama has been that he's been able to actually convince huge numbers of liberals that it's a good thing when he ignores and even stomps on their political ideals, that it's something they should celebrate and even be grateful for. Hordes of Obama-loving liberals are still marching around paying homage to the empty mantras of "pragmatism" and "post-partisan harmony" -- the terms used to justify and even glorify Obama's repudiation of their own political values.
Greenwald also notes that many liberal organizations are stymied by their close identification with Obama; they can't attack him without angering newer members, more supportive of Obama than any specific liberal position.

Now obviously Obama has only been in office a couple of weeks, so frustrations today about his moves may not translate into real anger in 2010. But he does seem to be governing as he ran; as a middle of the road Clinton like liberal.

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