Monday, February 16, 2009

Impotent Rage

I am seeing a pattern here. First of all Kevin McCullough accuses us liberals of being pro-pedophilia. Now I read Doug Giles latest article, which starts with these heartwarming lines.
I’ve got a great idea: Let’s kiss some terrorist butt! I’m talkin’ a big, slobbery wet one right on their back forty. We might as well, as we are about to muck up the rest of our country with a stimulus package that will stimulate only a liberal government’s lug nuts.
I'm curious which terrorist behind he wants to kiss so badly; most terrorists aren't known for bathing. Personally I'm in favor of the kissing some IRA butt; they at least have that Irish Spring soap going for them.

His big message is a paranoid fantasy about some 35 terrorist training camps operating around the United States. I'd be worried if I believed his sources were accurate; as it is, I'm more musing over what the increase in vitriol means.

What it means is that many Conservatives haven't figured out the tenor of the times. They still think that, evidence to the contrary, slandering Obama and slandering Liberals works. And if you only talk to hardcore conservatives this probably makes sense.

But if you talk to the rest of America you might get a different idea.

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