Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why I'm so Cranky All The Time

This is from Cal Thomas's latest article.
When the terrorists attack again - as Homeland Security has repeatedly warned us they will - how many survivors will be consoled because the Supreme Court and the State Department looked out for the "rights" of terrorists before the rights of their dead loved ones?
Sweet Jesus.

Well I suppose if they are Americans instead of cowardly authoritarians they might say "Well the rule of law has to come first. It's not acceptable to just lock someone up, anyone and throw away the key. There has to be an accounting, a reckoning. That's the way civilization works."

But then again, Thomas, you and your ilk have been so busy scaring Americans and whipping up fears, well, maybe they'll be willing to give away the rest of their civil liberties in order to somehow hurt the Muslims.

Not sure what you call this nation after that, but you can't call it America.

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