Monday, June 16, 2008

Politics and Morality

Ken Conner's latest article over at Townhall is kind of interesting. It's mostly aimed at Republicans, who, Conner feels, have lost their way. But he isn't going to let Democrats off the hook either.
Unfortunately, both political parties today seem to have lost their grip on whatever moral philosophy they once held to be true. Democrats have abandoned their old socialist ideals for a pragmatic approach focused on winning elections by promising new domestic programs and repeating a mantra advocating vague, undefined notions of "change." Republicans have dropped their ideals of personal freedom and limited government in favor of winning elections by rewarding powerful special interests group with earmarks, tax cuts, and limitations on liability for wrongdoing.
I'm not sure how to react. First of all it's not true that the Democrats are motivated by "old socialist ideals." That said it's nice that he seems to think we are moving pragmatically as opposed to most Conservatatoids who paint us as more Socialist than Mao.

He spends the bulk of his argument saying that Christian Conservatives are truest conservatives. Not sure about that, but it is certainly the sort of argument that will please Christian Conservatives.

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