Sunday, April 10, 2005

Pentex Lives!!

In the roleplaying game Werewolf the apocalypse, one of the big villains is the cartoonish super evil company Pentex, which has its fingers in every aspect of the financial world. Their goal? To make everything suck. Yeah, it's pretty much that simple. They are big on the whole corrupt the innocent shtick as well.

I mention this because I just saw a commercial for a product called Kellogg's Smorz Cereal. It contrasts two kids--a happy kid eating the product and a poor kid out in the woods trying to make actual S'Mores. The kid in the woods just had an awful experience and the kid eating in his happy suburban home has a great time. What's the lesson? Nature is scary; staying out of nature is fun. A lesson every kid should learn. It does make for a funny joke (well not all that funny) but couldn't you get the same lesson showing a kid loving the woods, and loving smores and wanting that same delicious taste at home?

For a review of the cereal itself, check this out.

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