Monday, February 10, 2020

Remember this guy you don't remember!

Stephen Smoot's latest article is about how the American Left should champion Clement Attlee instead of Che Guevara. Who is Clement Attlee?  Well he was the Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1945 to 1951, after Winston Churchill was voted out.   But he's Smoot's example of who we leftists should emulate - totally ineffectual and useless, but tough on Commies. 

This is a pretty amazingly dishonest article; once again we are treated to the theory that Hitler was a Leftist.  We are encouraged to believe that all leftists secretly want to impose a totalitarian dictatorship.  He represents Michael Moore's position deceitfully (Moore has, in fact, championed various health systems of Western Europe, despite Smoots denial). 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

When will those weak cowardly Democrats start a violent revolution?

This seems to be the question on Kurt Schlichter's mind.   He argues that Democrats and Liberals believe President Trump to be a dictator and that if so that we must fight him violently.  If we don't it is either because we don't actually think he is a dictator or because we are cowards and weaklings.
Okay, maybe you don’t have any guns like real men. Let’s assume you can find some guns. Now you need to water the kale bush of liberty with the blood of patriots. Okay, you’ll probably want to find another word than “patriots” since the term “patriots” upsets you – but because Trump is a “dictator,” we’re obviously in an extreme situation that calls for extreme measures. It’s totally time to figuratively fire on Ft. Sumter again, Democrats. Maybe this time it will work out better for you.
Let's get one thing out of the way right away, the reference to Ft. Sumter ties back to the lie that many on the Right tell themselves, that it was really liberal Democrats who pushed for the Civil War. In fact it was Conservative Democrats who fought to keep slavery and fought to keep segregation. When that became no longer viable, they moved to the Republican Party. But the key term isn't Democrat, it's Conservative.

Setting that aside, it's hard to overstate the hatred and disdain that Schlichter has for Democrats and liberals.  The intensity of his hatred and mockery is kind of shocking.

Looking through the comments they really hate having to press one for English.   I mean it really angers them.   They area also upset that Obama got to run for President.  I think, maybe, just maybe, Schlichter's audience is motivated by racism.

Monday, January 13, 2020


Our friends on the right are always suggesting that we on the left have positions that are two extreme, and that we need to look for solutions and to work with Republicans.  Many people who are conservative leaning democrats feel the same way.  So in that spirit let's look at Kurt Schlichter's latest article in which he reaches out to Democrats with what he presumably believes is good advice.
Here’s an idea that our Democrat politician friends might want to try if they want to stop being back-stabbing garbage people. It’s kind of a radical notion and a little outside the box, but here goes: How about, just once, you stop sucking-up to the foreign bastards who are attacking our country and take America’s side?
Maybe you should not back and excuse the gay-hanging, women-stoning, airline-downing, Obama check-cashing, Israel-threatening, American-murdering cultists ruling Iran. Just a thought.
What great advice - I for one am going to no longer support the Mullahs of Iran.  Of course it's a little hard to stop doing something I never did in the first place, but I'll do my best.

But how do I take America's side?  By, for example, resisting our betrayal of a President, President Trump?  Nope Schlichter makes it clear that taking America's side means supporting President Trump and not questioning the timing of this attack.  Attack on Iran is good; questioning President Trumps wisdom is bad.

Maybe Schlichter isn't a good person to make an alliance with - he really hates Liberals and Democrats.  The only compromise he's really interested in is capitulation and that doesn't work for me I have to admit. 

Monday, January 06, 2020

Real Americans

Wayne Allen Root's latest article is about how Democrats should be happy that that guy who intended to kill a bunch of church goers was instead shot down by one of the attendees who was an usher had a fire arm, and that Trump ordered the targeted bombing that killed Qassem Soleimani.  He says describes this as a gift to Democrats.
Proceed with caution on the topics of good citizens with guns defending themselves from bad guys and America defending itself from evil, murdering terrorist regimes. Real Americans believe in peace through strength.
I'm not sure I've seen a lot of people condemning the Usher who defended other church goers.  As for the bombing, I think people are saying that certainly it is good that he is dead, but we don't yet know the full costs of Trumps actions.  Trump and his parties belligerent stance towards the rest of the world hasn't built a lot of alliances.  Trumps negotiating technique does seem to boil down to "Give us what we want or else."  We are already seeing push back from the region.

And of course there is Trumps threat to blow up sites of historical significance, which is a war crime.  He hasn't done it, but there is little doubt in my mind that he is willing to, despite the damage that does to the worlds history and our own relations with the rest of the world.

Finally want to come back to the phrase Real Americans - we all know what that means right?   It means conservative white folk.

Hey for fun let's take a quick look at the comments.
The democrat party of today is the party of evil power hungry zealots. Never vote democrat! - DogMom4155
It's simple: They Are I-N-S-A-N-E ! There is no logical or cognitive thoughts from mentally insane people! - jmark72
They already have ceased to exist as a viable party. They are America's mental health crises. There is no way they can exist and take their oath of office. They are null and void. - BuddyBoy53
So I guess Democrats like myself should be institutionalized and Democrats in office should be removed from office for violating their oath of office. Very practical suggestions there from the Trump base.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Presented without Comment

There are no “moderate” Democrats. All Democrats are dangerous to your life, prosperity and freedom. They prefer churchgoers die rather than be able to defend themselves. - Kurt Schlichter
I think of them as Demonrats. What a difference a single letter makes. Richard_Reed
Democrats are either EVIL or STUPID. There is no middle ground... unless, perhaps, they're both evil AND stupid. Never forget that Democrats hate normal Americans and want us crushed... or dead. MickeyD69
Hitler was a socialist. It's interesting the war reparations after WW1 which led to the rise of Hitler's nationalist agenda, were part of a larger zionist plan to establish the nation state of Israel. Alfred Barnes

Monday, December 30, 2019

Patriotic Grace

While Terry Paulson's latest article is largely about how America will become a socialist dystopia if we fail to elect President Trump for a second term, he concludes with a few paragraphs reminding his readers that what unites us as Americans is greater than that which divides us.
I think that “patriotic grace” is there for the taking. We shop together, work together, serve together, worship together, and seem to have no trouble keeping politics in its right perspective. America should not need a war or a terrorist attack to bring us together. At the deepest level, we remain one republic, one people. As we launch into 2020, let’s dial down the attacks and remember how blessed we are to be Americans with opportunities others just dream of. Let’s help President Trump keep expanding those opportunities for more and more Americans.
I would agree with everything except that last part as I don't think President Trumps policies are likely to improve thing at all.

This article didn't get a lot of comments, but the ones that did post were all attacking Democrats, as you would expect.  This one by Momster is perhaps the most striking.
As the swamp sloooowly drains, observe the swamp creatures now exposed to the cleansing sunlight. See them as they writhe in agony. Listen as they snap their increasingly toothless jaws. Hear them as they bellow and hiss out their stream of lies. Watch out for their still dangerous tails as they lash about in desperation!
I don't know - if I thought my political enemies were toothless lashing swamp creatures I probably wouldn't want to work together or serve together with them.   But perhaps I am looking at this the wrong way. 

Monday, December 23, 2019

Grasping at Straws

The Republicans, keen to defend President Trump, will grasp on any excuse to discredit the work the House of Representatives has done in preparing for an Impeachment Trial.  This despite the clear statements by Mitch McConnell that he is a) working with Trump on how to respond, and b) has no intention of treating it as an objective trail.  That's why the opening of Debra J Saunders latest article is such a hoot.
Imagine there is a murder trial that takes months and involves many witnesses, and then, at the end, the prosecutor announces that he's done such a great job of arguing guilt, he's not going to send the case to the jury.
This whole article is built around one key belief of Ms. Saunders - Trump is innocent and the Democrats know it.  That's not fact.  Trump is guilty as hell of what he is accused of (as evidenced by the ever shifting narrative around whether he did what he is accused of doing).  That is simply the core belief of Saunders and her tribe regarding this manner. 

If you start with the theory that he's innocent and Democrats know it than Saunders idiotic article makes sense (she does suffer from temporal confusion, unable to reconcile why Democrats said one thing when it looked like Republicans were going to be objective and something else when it was clear they were all or mostly all partisan hacks.

If Saunders were capable of honesty she would imagine a trial where the defendant consulted with the judge on how best for the judge to throw the case out of court.    That would be crazy - but that's also where we are.