Monday, June 06, 2011

Why I don't post so much

Partially it's because my position and duties have increased. But partly it's because of articles like John Ransom's "The Left Hates Sarah Palin and Paul Revere." No, seriously. That's the title. The left, by which he means TV reporters, hates Paul Revere (I'd concede the Sarah Palin part, although in fairness she hates us right back). Specifically there was one unflattering report of Sarah Palin's comments and a follow up report. They were as follows.
“Part of his ride was to warn the British that we’re already there - that, ‘Hey, you’re not goin' to succeed. You’re not goin' to take American arms. You are not goin' to beat our own well-armed persons, individual, private militia that we have,’" Palin said. “He did warn the British.”
In fairness, these were off the cuff remarks she made while apparently standing in line in a cafeteria. So Palin makes some comments about Paul Revere and the right to bear arms, New York Magazine makes fun of them then explains in their second post that she's historically correct.

And from this little non-story John Ransom determines that we Liberals hate Paul Revere, and all real patriots (who are, all coincidentally, conservatives).
. . . at least those bitter patriots who cling to their religion and their guns, named Palin, Revere, Bachman, Cain, Romney, Paul, Pawlenty, etc, etc, amen.
Yep. We liberals hate conservative politicians (or at least disagree with them.

Now to make sure I spend the rest of the day depressed, lets look at the comments.
all the male liberals bash Sarah because, well, lets face it, there neanderthal wives scream at them to do so, in there heart they like Sarah but with there 400 pound gorilla staring down at there weak spine, they voice rejection to Sarah, while on the other hand, the females are just horrible looking.......who could blame them to hating Sarah......they are all daydreaming back in their high school yes , Sarah the prom Queen......
Yes, this reflects a healthy attitude towards women. I am not married by the way, nor do I have a Girlfriend forcing me to make fun of Sarah Palin. I make fun of her, when I do, because it amuses me to do so.
All the commiweasel males who hate Palin must be homos who envy her her looks, particularly her shapely legs. Politics aside, what normal male would so vehemently despise and viciously attack an attractive and charming woman, who also happens to be a mother? Further proof that liberals are not very manly, even those who consider themselves heterosexual.
Well, Sarah Palin does have very shapely legs. But really it's the fact that she's kind of an idiot that I make fun of.

But wait let's get really ugly.
I'm about sick of the commie/progressive/socialist scum that have infested this nation. Its time to round them all up and ship them off to Cuba, Russia, Iran or any commie third world country of their choice.

Its time to let them know they are not welcome in America to send them packing!

As for you stankin, flea bitten, camel sucking, religion of hate muzzies - You're not welcome here either! Go back to your own God forsaken third world hovel! We don't want you in America!

During times of war, the President has the authority to detain and hold enemy aliens. This should be taking place now.
Yep Liberals and Muslims aren't welcome in America. Pretty goddamn depressing.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it certainly is depressing isn't it. I'm finally able to read about these things without getting too depressed. Bad part is that it's because I've given up hope. The money is all in their hands now and as usual, they can never have enough. America is over. I'll sit back and watch this ship sink, should be interesting anyway.