Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Herman Cain and the Muslims

Herman Cain has stated that he will not have Muslims in his administration. He then said he might have Muslims in his administration but they would go through some more rigorous review before being approved for Government Service. Well Michael Gerson, who's article was printed at Townhall, has taken issue with this approach, and frankly, makes some very good points. He compares Cain to George Soros who was uncomfortable with President George W. Bush's religious fervor.
There are, of course, theological expressions of Islam and conservative Christianity that are inconsistent with pluralism -- either Wahhabi Saudi Arabia or John Calvin's Geneva. There are also traditions consistent with pluralism. Sharia law may be interpreted as the replication of seventh-century Medina. It may also be viewed as a moral norm or conception of justice that is variously applied in systems of human law.

The Cain/Soros view rests on the assertion that the most radical expression of a religion is also the most authentic. . . .

The Constitution addresses this matter directly. Article VI requires legislative, judicial and executive officials to take a loyalty oath to the Constitution. It continues: "No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."
Good points, reasonably well made. But, as you might expect, not very satisfying for the Townhall readers.
And now, we are being ever so softly, that islam is a religion of individual choice, to be offered the same protections as Christianity and Judaism. I have rattlesnakes on my property but Idon’t bring them into my house.

Put all the muslims, korans, arabs, and PC were it belongs: IN The Toilet and flush many times!
If they do not like the way they are treated Send Them Back in Body Bags!
I love everyone; but not these Killers!
Another Townhall reader suggests that "ISLAM presents one of the greatest threats to the world since the OTTOMAN empire." Which seems odd since we've had both Hitler and Stalin since the Ottoman empire. But I guess Hitler and Stalin weren't Muslims.

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