Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Your Weekly Rush: Does Rush Even believe this?

Barney Frank recently noted that Rush Limbaugh had made homophobic attacks on him. Rush responded, apparently confused and hurt.
I'm trying to figure out what homophobic attack did we launch on him? We've never launched a homophobic attack on anybody. I never launched a "homophobic attack" on anybody!
Limbaugh went on to play Banking Queen, a parody song featuring Frank as the titular Banking Queen and the Barny Frank update theme, something called "My Boy Lollipop." All the while acting like he's amazed that anybody would suspect him of homophobic attacks.

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Green Eagle said...

"My Boy Lollipop" was originally sung by a Jamaican artist named Millie Small, and was the first Ska song to ever be a hit in the United States.

So, I don't think Barney has to be too ashamed of being associated with it.