Tuesday, October 05, 2010

No No No No

David Limbaugh's latest article drives me nuts.
I realize it's unfair and, according to some, even racist to hold President Obama accountable for his failed economic policies and cynical campaign promises,
No! Who exactly says it's racist to hold Obama accountable? Nobody. But some conservatives in holding Obama accountable have used racist and nasty phrases.
The thinking clearly is that not only did America not have a right to respond aggressively to the unprovoked terrorist attacks on our soil but also doing so has been counterproductive and that reversing the Bush policies would strengthen our position and make us safer.
No! Of course America has the right to respond to terrorists act. The Afghanistan War was suppoted by vast majorities of Congressional democrats. Invading Iraq, on the other hand, is a different matter.
I suppose the left's logic is that though Muslims are very peaceful, you'd better not provoke them or they'll turn into jihadists, which is what gave rise to 9/11.
No! And lord almighty what a stupid thing to say. First of all Liberals don't see Muslims as monolithic group the way dumbass conservatives seem to. Some Muslims are terrorists (a vanishingly small, but very dangerous percentage of Muslims as a whole). A somewhat larger group might be influenced to join them by our invasion of their countries.
Saner minds understand that jihadists are not jihadists because of America's tough interrogation techniques or because we didn't Mirandize them on the battlefield.
No! By saner minds, presumably Limbaugh means his own. I have my doubts. It's very simple. Jihadists won't be swayed to like the United States by anything we can do. But not all Muslims are Jihadists (or even all that many). There are larger groups, people that might join them, and people that might tacitly support them. If we torture and if we kill wantonly, and if we show a lack of respect for their people and their religion, than the arguments of Islamic Radicals make more sense.

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