Monday, July 19, 2010


Allen Hunt's latest article is a Muslim Menace article, which seem to be popping back up recently, with a bit more virulence.
We should treat the various Muslim holidays as we have the birthdays of American presidents with the singular Presidents' Day. My recommendation: we roll all the Muslim holidays into one National Muslim Day and celebrate it on September 11 each year. The New York schools can then follow suit along with the rest of the country.

Rather than working to educate us slow-learning Americans about the merits of holidays like Eid al-Fitr and the birthday of Mohammad, it seems most fitting that we celebrate the contributions and significance of Islam in America's history with one special day each September 11.
The implications are clear; the most significant thing that Islam has ever accomplished was murduring 3,000 Americans. American Muslims are not really Americans and don't merit the same protections and considerations that other religions do. American Muslims don't belong here, and we need to remember what Islam did to us and keep them in their place. We need a national day of Muslim hatred.

Pretty nasty.

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