Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Few Interesting Points

Continuing on with the Shirley Sherrod story, lets get some comments from Jeffrey Lord (quoted by Brian Beutler at Talking Points Memo), who has come down on Sherrod like a ton of bricks. Apparently a relative was beaten to death with a blackjack for racial reasons which she has described as a lynching. Jeffrey Lord doesn't agree.
Certainly the image in my head of a lynching is rope around the neck," Lord told me. "And when we really got into this, it was quite apparent to me that there was all sorts of other things. That there has to be a mob -- mob action. Well what is a mob? Is it two people? Is it three people?
This is an interesting tack to take. Basically because Sherrod described her relative being beaten to death for being black as a lynching she's a racist.

Beyond that, Lord doesn't understand that Southern Racists were conservatives and after integration they defected to the Republican Party en masse. Or to be more precise he probably does understand it but is pretending not to.

Daily Howler also has some important comments on the Sherrod situation; mostly asking how stupid we liberals are.
Blame Fox News for this whole affair, while underplaying the awkward fact that the Obama Administration and the NAACP reached the same damn-fool conclusion. Insist that this proves that Fox is racist, while failing to mention the gross bad judgment shown by the other two groups.
I wish he were wrong about this, but he's really not.

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