Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Over at Townhall, they are pretty bummed out as you might expect. They also have the practice of posting articles that came in yesterday after the initial posting as articles for today. So there are a few articles exhorting conservatives to get out and vote against the scary scary Obama. Dennis Prager's article is pretty hyperbolic.
If Barack Obama wins and he is given a Democratic-controlled Congress, the United States will indeed be transformed.
And, as you might expect, not for the better. For example, Obama will apparently select judges who mostly agree with him.
Judges will be chosen based on their commitment to empathize with the downtrodden (Obamas own stated criterion for choosing judges), not based on their commitment to judging according to neutral rules that are blind to the individuals status in life.
Of course had McCain won, Prager would have been urging him to pick judges based on his revealed criteria - pro-corporate and pro life and anti privacy judges. And of course Obama will be bad for western civilization.
Judeo-Christian values, the founding values of America, will continue to recede in influence as America becomes more and more a secular-left country like those of Western European.
Speaking of western Europe, check out this paragraph over at Le Monde - we are all Americans again.

The truth is I don't think Prager believes his own rhetoric. I think he, and most mainline conservatives, know that Obama will be a liberal centrist, not this monstrous parody they've created. But once you've created a monster or demonized someone so throughly, well, it's hard today to go back and say "Well we were just saying that because of the election."

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