Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Insanely Hypocritical Article by David Limbaugh

Not that it isn't always amusing to watch a champion of George W. Bush talk about defending the constitution, but his latest article takes the cake.
Traditionalists see themselves as guardians of our unique Constitution, which secures liberty as a byproduct of pitting levels and branches of government against one another.

They believe that unless we rededicate ourselves, intellectually and emotionally, to our founding ideal of individual liberty -- as opposed to succumbing to the insidious, intoxicating, cowardly promise of government-provided security at all levels of our existence -- we can kiss liberty -- and the United States of America as we have known it -- goodbye.
First of all, does Mr. Limbaugh remember the theory of the Unitary Executive? The idea put forth by Dick Cheney and others that stated that President can do what he likes without regard to the other branches of government? That doesn't sound like pitting branches of Government against one another, does it?

When Republicans ruled the roost they didn't see any reason for checks and balances; but now that they are faced with President Obama, well, they are back to being constitutionalists.

And then his criticism of Liberals for wanting to trade Liberty for Security? Does he remember the suspension of Habeas corpus? The monitoring of phone calls and library books? But again I suppose the devil is in the details; Limbaugh has no problem with trading other people's liberty for his security. What he objects to is trading his liberty to spend his money as he will for security of people who don't deserve help.

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