Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Is Obama Depressed?

According to Rachel Alexander, conservative commentator, he almost certainly is. Among her evidence - the Onion apparently did a satirical piece which portrayed Obama as a manic depressive. Also he takes a lot of vacations despite the fact that many people are having a rough time economically. Yep the Onion. Also apparently Obama doesn't like it when his policy achievements are overturned - which makes him totally different from all other presidents or political leaders. So far so good - Republicans believe that Obama has done nothing but fail, so naturally he must be depressed - but then she starts to psychoanalyze him.
Obama is used to being fawned over and having things easily handed to him. As an attractive, leftist-black man in politics, people have always been eager to help him succeed. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize immediately after entering office, even though he hadn’t yet done anything. Now, as president, he is exposed to everyone and their opinions around the country, not just syncophants. He never built up the stamina and drive to get to the demanding, intense level where he’s at, so he does not have the psychological preparedness to deal with it.
Poor Obama - of course his predecessor, George W. Bush, had a life of being bailed out of his many failures until he became Governor of Texas (where the Governor has little to no power) and then President of the United States where he failed to prevent the most deadly terrorist attack on American Soil in our history. Yet he took no responsibility for that failure or his many other failures - it's almost like a life in which failing produced no negative consequences produced a shallow prick who didn't see failures, even failures that lead to deaths, as not that big a deal. But I don't know Bush 43, so I'd be hesitant to psychoanalyze him.

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