Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ann Coulter sez Single Moms are Evil

Ann Coulter's latest article is in praise of adoption, which I am also keen on, having been adopted. I do think adoption is a good solution to an unwanted pregnancy. But while half of it is nice stuff about how Adoption is good, the remaining half is about how bad single mothers are, culminating in this masterpiece of nastiness.
The plague of single motherhood isn't an inevitable decay brought on by stupid choices of the underclass. Destroying the family is the active social policy of liberals.
So much to unpack. This is why I don't read Ann Coulter anymore; it's exhausting.

First of all, note the mention of the "underclass." I wonder who Ann Coulter considers part of this "underclass?"

But more importantly is the idea that liberals want to destroy the family. I know this is orthodoxy in Ann Coulter's world; but if you believe it how can you stand to be around liberals in any sense of the word. I mean if the stuff Ann Coulter says is true, and it isn't, we Liberals deserve to be hated, scorned, and cast out. Possibly worse.


Anonymous said...

Damn, you scared me.

I thought she might have reproduced or that someone was crazy enough and corrupt enough to allow her to adopt and destroy a child.

Wikipedia says she's still single with no children.

Dr. Puck said...

Consider the correlation of negative social results with majoris political leanings at the state level. Thus, the correlation shows off the outcomes that speak of red states generally being the unhealthiest, most drunken, most violence in the household, highest divorce rates...on and on it goes.

The most liberal state, Vermont, on the other hand...