Monday, February 22, 2010


Michael Barone's latest article is a knock on Barack Obama for having bad intiuation. Sort of a dog bites man story, except for Barone's example of a good intuitive President.
In the first category are great American presidents like Franklin Roosevelt. FDR could have nationalized the banks in 1933 and war industries in the 1940s. Instead, he prevented runs on the banks and called in captains of industry to help run the war effort.

Fluent in German, he listened to Adolf Hitler on shortwave radio and recognized by 1938 that he was a monster that must be destroyed. Alerted by Albert Einstein's letter to the possibilities of nuclear fission, he said, "We can't let Hitler get this before we do," and authorized the spending in secret of something approaching 1 percent of gross domestic product on building the atomic bomb.

His judgment in picking military leaders -- Gens. Marshall, MacArthur, Eisenhower, and Adms. King and Nimitz -- was unerringly brilliant. His decisions to invade North Africa in 1942 (against all military advice), to concentrate on the European theater and not the Pacific in 1943 (against the Navy's urging), to stage the cross-channel invasion in 1944 rather than 1943 (despite British and Russian pressure) all look very good in retrospect. It wasn't so easy to make them at the time.
So it's nice that Barone is seeing FDR clearly and acknowledging the contributions of this great President.

Townhalls readers are not as convinced, however. In particular they take issue with the theory that Obama's intuition is to blame - rather they think he is deliberately working to destroy America and succeeding.
Obama is doing very well at orchestrating the demise of our rights and ownership -- heading straight toward a brand of Marxism and Socialism. His actions are intentional - it is not a failure of intuition. Barone, work it out on a clean sheet of paper. Try to devise the best way of transforming the citizens from owning the government to a government owning its citizens. Just go back to the founders and designers of Marxism and Socialism and you will find your way.
Some of them do take issue with the praise of FDR but not as many as you would think.

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