Friday, November 20, 2009

Gay Rights

Robert Knight's latest article is interesting in how it opposite it seems from reality. He is taking on America's Homosexuals, who he inexplicably paints them as seemingly all powerful bullies intent on doing horrible things like passing ordinances that protect them from discrimination.

Yep - those all powerful gays are fighting really hard against being discriminated against. Robert Knight is standing up for Churches and individuals who want to discriminate against them. It's so backwards to reality.

Knight takes particular issue with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
A shocking example of a religious institution cowering before its opponents and suing for peace at Caesar’s throne is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ outright endorsement last week of a “gay rights” law in Salt Lake City. In essence, the law redefines biblical sexual morality into a form of actionable bigotry, turning ordinary people with traditional values into the legal equivalent of hateful racists. Adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to non-discrimination laws is the gateway to the entire homosexual political agenda, from harassing the Boy Scouts to forcing pro-homosexual programs into the schools and workplace. It is also an indispensable step for the creation of same-sex “marriage.” For a conservative religious institution like the LDS to embrace it is not only immoral but suicidal.
Again, Knight paints this law as an assault on Christianity. If Christians aren't free to oppress Gays than they are being persecuted and attacked. I've commented on this syndrome before. To certain Conservatives, if Conservative Christians don't get everything they want, they are being persecuted.


Anonymous said...

Bottom line - the Church always said it did not have anything against gay people - they were fighting that marriage is between a man and a woman. If gays want to form a union, it is not a marriage. The SLC law is about the rights of all people to hold jobs, buy houses, etc, regardless of whether or not they are gay. There has not been a change in the position of the Church. They still support marriage as between a man and a woman and still view sex outside of marriage as a sin. And, yes, that means that gays who engage in sexual acts are committing a sin. However, they have the right to choose what they will do.

Mikhail Silverwood said...

You’ve just drawn attention to a classic manoeuvre of the right: self-victimisation.

The right control the country: the Republicans are so extreme right they’re basically anti-government Libertarians, and Democratic Parties are so far to the right they’ve lost their connection with the American people; the mainstream media is hideously conservative under the guise of neutrality.

But the right cannot be open about the situation, because it makes them look like big, powerful bullies. When you invoke the ‘David versus Goliath’ concept, the right are Goliath and the left are David.
Who would you support, the strong powerful favourite or the weak and vulnerable underdog?

According to Hollywood propaganda movies, the American people will always root for the favourite: just think of James Bond, New York Yankees and Charlies Angels.
But in reality, the American people love the stories of the underdog: Bridget Jones’ Diaries, Mighty Ducks and Rocky.
And they’ll support the left, because the left are so heavily marginalised the country.

So the conservatives flip the situation on its head and ‘assert the opposite’. The right don’t control the country – they’re the victims.
The American people are naturally conservative; Democrats are basically Stalinists and the Republicans are so left they’ve lost their connection with the American people; the media are liberal under the guise of neutrality.

That’s why the right will always talk about political correctness oppressing them, about affirmative action being reverse discrimination, and how Keynesianism (the government playing a role with the market to ensure the system is fair; it is the most centrist non-radical political format ever) is socialism.