Thursday, February 18, 2010

American Voters

Roger Chapin's latest article takes aim at American Voters for being too reactionary, and not thinking things through. That's why the voted in Obama; not that he was good, but that he wasn't Bush. But then he says this interesting bit about Sarah Palin.
And now a large number of them – including many who enthusiastically voted for Obama - are now rallying to another pied piper, Sarah Palin. She wows her audiences with high-sounding platitudes and free market principles but often fails to give specifics on her policy proposals. Too often, it’s as if one need only smell their date’s perfume and they’re ready to get married. Palin needs to display more substance.
I am curious as to how many Obama supporters are really going for Sarah Palin. Seems like a bizarre move; Sarah Palin and Barack Obama are somewhat ideologically different, seem to have different leadership styles, and certainly have different personas. My guess is that the bulk of Palin's supporters are people who hated Obama before the election and still hate him today.

The rest of his article is about who we need politicians willing to make the hard choices and do unpopular things - like deal seriously with Iran, whatever he means by that.

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