Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's like the 1990s all over again with our friends the Republicans. For 8 years they complained about the vanity and narcissism of President Clinton. I suspect we will have another 4 or 8 years of similar complaints about President Obama.

Certainly David Limbaugh's latest seems like a blast from the past.
The more painful exposure we have to Barack Obama -- and we're talking hyper-exposure at this point -- the more we realize how narcissistic he is. Indeed, we are treated to this overexposure precisely because of his narcissistic impulses. He can't keep himself out of the spotlight.
Obama suffers these complaints because he seems to see part of his job as being involved in the problems of America. George W. Bush felt no such illusion, and such ignored many of the problems of America. Because he was humble. Apparently.

Lets face it, a really humble guy or gal is unlikely to run for President and less likely to be elected. If you become President it's because, in part, you want to tackle the problems of a whole nation. That's not a humble thing to want to do. So to complain about the vanity of Obama? Well it's just pretty silly.

But since Obama can't really help but look narcissistic I don't expect our friends on the right to stop any time soon.

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Mustang Bobby said...

How many different ways can the right wing call Barack Obama "uppity" without actually saying it?