Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Those Darned Hollywood Policy Makers

Ben Shapiro's latest article is about Hollywood and Iran. He's peeved.
Last week, a group of prominent actors and movie executives from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences visited Iran.

Fresh from the Academy’s triumphant Oscar-night celebration of homosexuality and religion-bashing, Sid Ganis, president of the Academy, Oscar-nominated actresses Annette Bening and Alfre Woodard, former president Frank Pierson, and producers William Horberg and Tom Pollack made the journey to Tehran.

There they met with the Iranian House of Cinema, the film organization operating under the auspices of the Islamic, homosexuality-banning Iranian government.

. . . Since when have Hollywood stars become proxies for actual policymakers?
OK a few points; is Ben Shapiro disapproving of Iran's policy towards homosexuals? Or envious of it? Cause it seems like he disapproves of Hollywood being in favor of Homosexuals being treated like full citizens and equally disapproving of Iran discriminating against Homosexuals.

Whatever, the other oddity is him taking a meeting of American film makers with Iranian film makers as some sort of statement by the Obama administration. I'm not surprised that Shapiro doesn't know this, because Iran is the enemy and showing any interest at all in the enemy is weakness to the meathead right wing, but Iran actually does have a vibrant film scene.

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