Quon Jih-Eaux


Sample Dialogue: “Hold still, then strike decisively.”

Theme Song: “Han Palace Autumn Moon” by Min Xiao-Fen

Attributes:  Bod 7 (Str 9), Chi 4, Mnd 5, Ref 7

Skills: Computers 10, Info / Buddhism 10, Leadership 7, Martial Arts 13, Medicine 7

Fu Shticks: Fury of the Bear, Strength of the Bear.  (Both found in “Seal of the Wheel.”)

Weapons: Quarterstaff 12

Unique Shtick:  For the purposes of determining whether or not nice things happen to Quon Jih-Eaux, his fortune score is always considered to be 10. 


Note:  These are Character States for Quon Jih-Eaux for use with Atlas Games Feng Shui (well it will work with earlier publisher’s version of it, I assume).  Anyway enjoy.