Lady Saturday


Sample Dialogue: “Do you remember the Love Circus?”

Theme Song: “Whitey on the Moon” by Gil Scott-Heron

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi 0 (For 3), Mnd 8, Ref 8

Skills: Intrusion 14, Deceit 15, Driving 12, Info / Revolutionary Underground 14, Guns 13, Sabotage 15, Fix-It 13

Gun Shticks: Hair Trigger Neck Hairs X2

Weapon:  Baretta Model 21 Bobcat (8/1/8+1)

Unique Shticks: Hidden Toolkit:  Lady Saturday is very good hiding her tools of destruction around her body; anybody attempting a perception check to detect concealed weapons or equipment on her suffers a –5 penalty.  Revolutionary Contacts:  Lady Saturday has contacts throughout the world’s revolutionary undergrounds.  In Europe and North America she can almost always find someone to provide information or a safe house, if not more.  In the rest of the world she has more difficulty, but can spend a fortune dice to find information and / or a safe place to stay (GM’s choice). 


Note:  These are Character States for Lady Saturday for use with Atlas Games Feng Shui (well it will work with earlier publisher’s version of it, I assume).  Anyway enjoy.