Quote: “Mister, could you help me?  I think I’m lost.”

Theme Song: “Violet” by Mellow

Attributes:  Bod 4, Chi 4, Mnd 11 Ref 7 (Dex 9)

Skills: Detective 11, Deceit 13, Fix-it 11, Medicine 11, Guns 9, Martial Arts 13, Info / Geomancy 11, Info / History 15

Fu Shtick:  Mantis Stance (from “Blood of the Valiant”)

Unique Shticks:  Quick Study (Gretal gets one additional experience point per session), “Elementary, my dear Watson” (Gretal can spend a fortune dice to gain important information in any situation (GM’s discretion what she gets, but it must be useful)), Squirmy Lil’ Bastard (Add two to Gretals dodge value for being so small). 

Weapons: Shark tooth Knife 5, Buro Backup (8/1/5+1)