Friday, September 18, 2009

More ACORN Crap

This story is predicted to be long lasting, and I have little doubt of it. It certainly has all the elements that will give it legs, and the Right Wing is skilled at keeping even confusing and obtuse stories going (remember Whitewater? After 5 years of hearing about it I still had only the vaguest idea of what had happened there, but it never went away).

Todays article comes from Meridith Turney in which she explains how shameful all these actions are, seeming to indicate that ACORN should simply disband out of shame.
At least ACORN’s leaders had the public relations savvy to fire the employees featured in the undercover videos; the response from law enforcement is just has alarming as the employees’ behavior. Instead of calling for an immediate investigation, the Maryland Attorney General’s office, in a Saul Alinsky attack-the-messenger tactic, assailed the manner in which the video was shot. “Upon review by this office, the video appears to be incomplete,” said the statement. “In addition, the audio portion could possibly have been obtained in violation of Maryland Law.” Talk about missing the forest for the trees. Does the Attorney General’s office not realize that the bigger issue here is the blatant crimes encouraged within the video? ACORN’s corrupt ties run deep.
Yeah - well I guess the Attorney General feels differently. Do you really believe that it is ACORN policy to help out Prostitutes and Pimps avoid paying taxes and set up underage brothels? Or that this was a few incredibly dim people (or people who were in on the joke)? Of course I understand that claiming that ACORN doesn't higher the best people isn't as good a story as ACORN works to help Prostitutes and Pimps set up underage brothers full of illegal immigrants.

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Magatha said...

(ACORN doesn't hire, btw.)

And damn, the ACORN woman who said she murdered her husbands (except she didn't) had the scam made early on, and was just messing with them. I don't know if we'll know for sure, but if I were an ACORN intake person, I'd be sorely tempted to play them, too.

Meanwhile, nobody's talking about The Family any more, and yet The Family's antics seem a whole lot more significant, in terms of government and corruption.