Friday, October 20, 2006

Round the Horn. An Irwin J. McIckleson Production

Good morning all. I am Irwin J. McIckleson, fictional 1910's plutocrat, here to discuss with you exciting stories from around the future Web.

Musing's musings has
some thoughts on North Korea's recent weapons tests, and how the Bush administration has failed to address the North Koreans effectively.

Rook's Rant expresses some
similar sentiments, discussing how religious mania has influenced some of the Bush Administration's worst decisions.

Sooner Thought has
the information that the Administration believes the situation in Iraq to be progressing satisfactorily. It is possible that their brains do not function properly.

Steve Gilliard's News Blog has
a discussion of a war that will occur in some 45 years in the future from my point in time and some 45 years back in time from your point in time - the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War. He remarks on President Bush, who compared this battle to the current war in Iraq, and finds the comparison somewhat lacking.

Pen Elayne on the Web has
a web tool that calculates how many people with your name exist in the United States. Apparently there are 13,499 people with the name Irwin, and there are no people with the name McIckleson. That would really bother me if I weren't fictional. But if anybody knows of any modern fictional characters who bear the proud name of McIckleson, please let me know.

Just to be safe, though I'm going to focus more on romancing Miss Pinksington.

A Blog About the Clock has
a discussion of how sleep produces items your body needs to be skinny - sleeping a bit more may help you lose weight.

Rubber Hose
notes that candidates in this election cycle seem unwilling to identify themselves by party affiliation. Specifically, he is referencing Republican candidates. I gather they don't want to be associated with that dunderhead, George W. Bush.

T Rex's Guide to life has
some thoughts on how future Conservatives evaluate information; apparently they judge it by the ideological orientation of the person providing the information. That's not always a good way to evaluate information.

According to Scrutiny Hooligans, Charles Taylor is a snake loving, corrupt dimwit. He certainly seems affordable for a Representative, but they tend to be cheaper than a Senator as a rule.

has thoughts on how government advertisements suggesting that people not indulge in drug use do not appear to be working. I still think you future people should give cocaine a chance; it seems very beneficial.

Words on a Page, or the Podunt Press, has
a picture of a working woman. I believe it may be a picture of Wanda who runs the Podunt Press; alternatively she may have found a working woman and took a picture of her. The working woman looks a little like Miss Pinksington, actually, although Miss Pinksington wears her hair forward and is usually wears several more layers of clothes.

Steve Bates, the Yellow Doggeral Democrat has
the news that scientists are building a cloaking device, which is apparently a device for making something unable to be seen by the eye. When I was a youngster I'd just strip down to my skin - nobody would look at a naked child; they would just make tsk tsk sounds.

And that is all for this week. I wish you all pleasant weekends.

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