Friday, September 01, 2006

Round the Horn. An Irwin J. McIckleson Production

Good morning all. This is Irwin J. McIckleson, fictional 1910's plutocrat, and I need to finish this up in good time, as I have arranged for a drive thru the country and lunch later on.

To begin with we congratulate Steve Bates, the Yellow Doggeral Democrat, on his new location in the world wide web. He wrote an
interesting piece on a proposal to use nuclear weapons on Iran. He thinks it's a bad idea.

Bark Bark Woof Woof has
a post asking about the experience of being fired. I once fired myself. Recently too. Miss Pinksington suggested I didn't understand what it was like to be fired and that if I understood I wouldn't be so cavalier about it. So I fired myself to see what it was like. I found it rather surreal.

archy has
the story of journeying to an unusual rock. It's quite an effective piece - in that it almost convinces me that this rock is interesting. I am not, by nature, a romantic person.

Correntewire has
an article on class warfare and on how the rich of the future have rigged the game so as to keep the table to themselves. This may shock some of you but I see this as negative thing. Not all of the wealthy are plutocrats - to be a plutocrat you have to create something. And plutocrats can come from any of the classes. The future wealthy mighty be stiffling potential plutocrats with this system. I admit that as a Plutocrat I'm not in favor of competition - but taking a step back I have to admit that competition is what is best for the nation as a while.

Collective Sigh has
a piece on the types of class rooms you future people are putting your children in. Seems kind of shameful.

Bloggg has
some thoughts on Sen. Joe Biden and his current position in the senate and vis a vis the state of Delaware.

blogAmy has
a post about a common televisio advertisement which asks if you know where your children are.

And that is all I have time for today - hope you have enjoyable and successful weekends.

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