Friday, May 12, 2006

Round the Horn. An Irwin J. McIckleson Production

Greetings all. This is Irwin J. McIckleson, fictional 1910's plutocrat.

I believe I have been stricken by some sort of elixer provided by my enemies to distract me from crushing them (in business). I find myself infatuated with a person in my life, to the point that I am unable to draw my mind away. I am sure that this individual is completely innocent.

This is truly a fiendish plot on the part of my adversaries. For example, today I was in a good mood because this person smiled me and I let one of my workers off with a warning and a beating. Normally I would have fired this person, but my heart has been softened somehow.

It is very unpleasant.

At any rate I am not going to let this . . . fascination get in the way of my duties here.

Natalie Davis's All Facts and Opinion has
the opportunity to create a new community around shared musical love. I personally am partial to the blues (particularly W. C. Handy), but the almighty dunderheads of the publishing industry are not interested in recording this musical form. I see that in the future perhaps they are (unless the turn blues refers to something different in the future (like the word "Gay").

David at blogAmy has
a theory about why the Republicans are so furious with President Clinton (who was President before the current muttonheaded President). It appears to involve the opportunities for romantic liaisons that being a Democrat presents.

The Republicans should be happy that they are not distracted by opportunities for romance. Romance makes you weak and often renders your brain inoperative as well. It is a well known scientific fact that the more powerful the heart is, the weaker the brain is. After all you only have a certain amount of blood and humors in your body; stands to reason you can't think and love at the same time.

Of course President Bush, even without the distractions of the heart, seems to be an incurable melonhead. So perhaps they have bigger problems than romance.

Bloggg has
some thoughts on President Bush's plans to monitor telephonic communiques, and a way to share your thoughts on this subject.

According to Collective Sigh, the Bush Administration is arguing that this collection of information on private citizens is legal because you signed agreements agreeing to this, when you agreed to have telephonic devices in your home.

farm runoff has
further details on how this system of monitoring telephonic communication was worked out.

First Draft has
a review of a press conference; I have to say I find it refreshing to see the press having such access to the President. Better they should be up there in Washington rather than sniffing around my factories. This one also covers the plan to track Telephonic Communication.

Dohiyi Mir
argues forcefully that the current chowderheaded President may have a hard time regaining his popularity.

Firedoglake has
the words of Jennifer Nix who believes that the Democrats should ignore conventional wisdom in their drive to regain their former power. I would agree with that assessment; conventional is often a synonym for old-style foolishness.

Dodecahedron has
some thoughts on the Republican Parties lack of ideas. I do have to say I support the idea of giving more money to the Plutocratic class. This is largely because as a Plutocrat I like having more money.

And that is all I have time for today. This was very good; it is pleasant to drink deep of your future time. Takes my mind off of my darling . . . Factory! I love my factories and my money and nothing else! Remember that, future people!

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