Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday Mail Bag

Hey all.

I thought I'd mention I was almost an extra on Angel (it used to be on TV, involved a vampire with a soul). I was going to be hanging out in a demon kareoke bar. It was a non-speaking part, but I think I would have turned some heads by standing up suddenly and crushing David Boreanaz in my mighty pincers.

But such was not to be. At the last moment. I partied too hearty. When I woke up it was 2005 and I was in dumpster in Tallahassee. And the show had been off the air for a year I guess. So here's to missed opportunities.

Our first response comes to us via
Pen Elayne on the Web, relating to a "Did You Know?" post on Frog Legs.
I'm afraid the Iron Chefs would beg to differ on that one. :)
Don't get me started on those Iron Chefs. Every remembers the episode me and Senor Salmon teamed up with them in an attempt to give good old Captain Starfaller food poisoning (Episode 1D12, "To Eat or Not to Eat")? Believer it or not, off camera, they tried to lure me into their table so they could make Lobster Crepes. Now I love good food as much as anybody, but not when it's me! Anyway I saw through their little ruse, but still the whole episode creeped me out.

Our second comes from amy of
blogAmy fame, responding to a piece on the contention that liberals have annoying voices.
my voice is only nasal when I have a sinus infection.

leave it to prat like Pret to stereotype like most other conservatives i know...oh wait, was that stereotyping? oh well, who cares right? as long as we all get to kick sand in each other's faces.

by the way, what's the status on our freedoms, the war, NOLA, etc? oh, who cares, lets talk about the real pressing issues like how annoying someone's voice is. he's such a useless waste of bandwith.
For those of you curious about what my voice sounds like, find a guy with the deepest voice you know. Then take a nylon stocking and fill it full of discarded crawdad shells (not shrimp). Then you take the stocking and jam it . . . Cheery says I'm not allowed to finish this description as our fans might find it disgusting.

Yeah, she's probably right.

Anyway I don't think liberals have voices that are any more annoying than conservatives.

Finally we have a comment from Oroku Saki, responding to
a post on John McCain's chances in 2008.
Oh, I think his running for President is almost guaranteed. Whether he wins the GOP nomintation or not is another story. He clearly has not gotten over his loss during the 2000 primary, and he's burned a few bridges as a result of his "I shoulda won" attitude.

I don't like McCain, not because he tends toward the center, but because he does so not out of convinction, but out of a desire for media attention. In short, McCain is a media whore. Every bill or issue he supports is something he knows the white, black, and all other kinds of trash in this country will support because it sounds good. Forget that McCain-Feingold greatly restricted certain fundamental freedoms. McCain would use the Constitution as toilet paper if it got him 15 minutes on a Sunday program.

McCain is almost as bad as Mr. "Active Liberty".
Thank Mr. Oroku Saki. Actually I'm pretty sure that if McCain used the Constitution as toilet paper, it would get him a lot more than 15 minutes on a Sunday program. But to each their own.

Turning to the mail bag, Bryant already took the most interesting letter. Kind of glad he did though. So let's take a look at this letter from Jim Horton of India?
This transaction is absolutely risk free with no legal complications as we have made arrangements to secure all the legal documents that will free us from any litigation, I have made all necessary arrangements with the security company, that as soon as I get your confirmation of interest in this venture, we shall put in all the necessary paper which will authorize the security company to process the funds and get it transferred through their offshore bank, to your account. In doing this you must have to maintain a high degree of trust and adequate confidentiality is required and on successful completion of this transfer to your account, I have agreed that you will retain 30% of the total sum while 70% will be for me. Finally I want you to note that we are going to spend money where Necessary to make this venture work out successfully.
A few questions.

You have secured all the documents to free us from any possible litigation, and your next step was to send a mass e-mail to some 70 people at least. How did you arrive at this plan of action, assuming you really have documents that will keep us free of any litigation.

How much trust is required to be a "high degree?"

And finally, when you say "we are going to spend money" you mostly mean me, right?

And that's it for another week. Or you know, another couple of weeks. Depending. Talk to you later, spacesters. And, remember, "I will crush David Bor. . . I mean Captain Starfaller between my mighty pincers."

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