Monday, February 13, 2006

Round the Horn. A Cheery Festival

Hi Everybody : )

I've done this once or twice before, but it's always nice to do it again, and point you all out to the other websites out there. Most of these are members of the Liberal Coalition, of course - but we will probably miss a few :(. I hope we don't, but we probably will. So if we do miss your website we apologize.

first post comes from Welcome to Gilead, and involves the fact that some doctors and pharmecists are refusing to fill orders they don't agree with. I don't really like this trend; but don't like making people fill orders they don't want to either. Perhaps phramecists who don't like giving out certain medicines should take up holistic medicine or something like that. Something people don't depend on so much. You'd still get to help people, just in a different way. : )

First Draft has
a piece on Michael "Brownie" Brown's testimony on Katrina. Apparently he was a bit hard on President Bush who he felt didn't support him in the crunch. It is hard to feel betrayed, but not sure this public spat is a great idea. Still this concerns national security so maybe it is good that we know of it.

Science and Politics has the
CUTEST Picture of some kittys : ). The one looks so comfy up on the book shelf. And the other little one looks cute too.

On the note of pets, Dihiyi Mir has a story on
tiny robotic pet dinosaurs. I would be worried they would bite me but they probably aren't allowed to do that.

Good news from Pen-Elayne on the Web, she has a car again. I think her last one got attacked by a tree or something. So she finally got it repared I think. Which is great!

Random Goblin, who is also in NYC, also put up
some pictures of the current snowy conditions up there; he and his wife look so cute together. Almost like kittys!

Anyway that's my contribution - I think the Post Modernist is up next. Hope you have a great day! ; )

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