Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Note to Our Readers

Hi Everybody : )

I was just scrolling through the search terms our readers have followed to reach this website and I came across one I found rather disturbing. "make me deep throat"

Apparently someone in the Russian Federation (~Voronezh?) was googling the phrase "make me deep throat" and, the 12th link is to this post at our website.

I'd like to clarify that that post has to do with the historical figure Deep Throat, who was involved in the Watergate Scandal. This is a family website, and we would never stoop to discussing making someone deep throat. Frankly, that sounds very unpleasent for the person involved.

So, any Voronezhites out there, I'm afraid you will have to get your . . . whatever you were looking for somewhere else!

But for the rest of you, I hope you enjoy your stay here at Make Me a Commentatar!!! :-)

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