Monday, February 13, 2006

Around the Horn. A Space Lobster Joint

Hey all. Obviously not doing my Monday Mail Bag (Tomorrow. Maybe.) today, so I can take part in the big blog-a-round extravaganza. I think the theory is that this will make everybody like us because link to them. I have my own theory, but perhaps I will keep it to myself.

Oh and if I seem in a bad mood, I got turned down again. A modernist revival of "Long Days Journey into Night." I was going for the role of Edmund, which I hoped to spice up a little bit. They offered to let me play a non-speaking servant, but I told them that's not the way this Lobster Parties! I don't know exactly why I said that because it doesn't make a lot of sense. Adrenalin I suppose.

Anyway let's look at these mad-eyed hipsters from around the internet.

firedoglake has
a discussion of the Libby testimony and those who are paid to defend him and those who are paid to defend the Vice President while supposedly defending him. I guess that's not very surprising; certainly Libby is surrounded by people who are focused on protecting his boss. Kind of an uncomfortable position, I'm sure.

Oh and the post title is Curiouser and Curiouser in case it doesn't go right to the post.

T. Rex's Guide to Life has
an explanation of who the Democratic Base is. Apparently it's not so much White nor is it so much Male. It also doesn't seem to be Lobster or Extraplanetary.

Echidne of the Snakes
considers Rudyard Kipling's poem Gunga Din. I knew a guy named Gunga Din back and college. Good guy, and due to a glandular condition, he always produced excess ink. So everybody on our floor would go to him when they ran out; eventually he just kept a bucket by the door.

Anyway this is about the poem Gunga Din, and what it would mean if you changed the signature line to a different gender.

According to The Countess, there is a
new sexual survey that places Americans number two as far has having the best sex lives in the world. I should note that for those curious, earthlings rate number 4 as far as having the best sex lives in the galaxy. Space Lobsters rate number 22. Which proves one thing. The survey was rigged.

According to Bloggg, Brittany Spears is a "Stupid INFURIATING Twit." I'll pause for a moment so you can take that in.

presents evidence to back up this assertion, which I find compelling, but partly because I already found her to be a bit of a Twit. Girl singers haven't really done it for me since 1964. I mean a song here and there, but nothing substantial.

Oh and as far as male singers go, the situation is, if anything, even worse.

Anyway that's my five - the only person left is Bryant, who will do his in a bit. And Cheery is preparing a special name tag for him (like the ones the rest of us get). I think she's putting flowers on it. Which should be entertaining if nothing else.

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