Monday, February 13, 2006

Around the Horn. A Post-Modernist Approach

Hello. This is Ms. Maple Roberts, personal assistant and calendar remover to Alaistar Niedenmaker, also known as the Post-Modernist. I have been asked to contribute to this review of various blog posts around the internet and I shall try to serve with distinction.

My employer, it should be noted, is busy investigating the missing letter "u." Most of you are probably unaware that the letter "u" has been missing for a week. Currently our minds are adapting by using the previously unknown letter "u". As the little discrepancies build up in the fabric of our society, however, we can expect to all go stark raving mad. Unless, of course, Mr. Niedenmaker is able to solve this particular problem and restore the "u" to it's proper place in the alphabet.

I gather he has teamed up with Mr. Stelpheton, the Oxford Trained Yorkshire Terrier, so I'm sure we have nothing to worry about. Still I would go light on the use of the letter "u" for a while.

Let us start with Iddybud, a website
which discusses, among other things, how this current presidency prioritizes our future generations. Very little, as it turns out. For one thing the United States of America executes more children than any other nation, a fact I was unaware of. This is somewhat chilling reading, particularly if believe in the future, as I do.

Both Farm Runoff and the Fulcrum have deal with a series of recent cartoons about Mohammed. The Fulcrum makes
a plea that everybody gain a little perspective, which I have to echo. Although I remain afraid that such perspective may be too difficult for many people.

Farm Runoff has
a discussion with a gorgeous woman named Ayaan Hirsi Ali about the cartoons and about her own persecution at the hands of politically charged Islam. I have to say while she is attractive, I find her mind to be even more so - very incisive and sharp.

Rook's Rant has
a piece on the possibility that the Democrats can gain congressional seats in the fall of this year. He asks if the Democrats are committed enough to do what must be done. A very good question.

has news that at least one Republican Member of the Senate might be leaving. Specifically the Senate Majority Leader might have new opportunities open in his life that will take him out of the Senate, which doesn't strike me as a very positive development.

archy has
a discussion on whether or not there should be state laws requiring the teaching of only evolution; he says that such things are not ideal, and his reasoning strikes me as sound.

I do hope you all take the time to click on these links, as the stories really are quite good and interesting, and not overly lengthy. At any rate, I and my employer thank Make Me a Commentator for once again allowing us to participate.

Ms. Maple Roberts.

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