Monday, February 13, 2006

Around the Horn (The Jean Luis Crowley Intransitive Mix)

Salut all.

For those of you who do not know, my name is Jean-Louis Crowley. With my band (currently named the Beserking Bats), I grind out blues and folk tunes playing a number of one night stands across Europe. Also I have a deep dark family secret that I don't like to talk about. Currently we are playing an extended gig in Brussels with another group, named Artemis.

I must say the lead singer of that group who goes by Artemis, but who's real name is Holly, has some of the oddest nocturnal habits for someone in this line of work. Apparently she enjoys a glass of warm milk, grabs a book, and reads for a bit, then turns off the light at about 10:30. And sleeps.

I asked if, at least, she were reading eldricht tomes, but she said no. Currently she is reading a book on the assassination of President Lincoln.

At any rate she's quite a good singer, despite her quirks.

So that's what is going on in my life - but now let's check in with the links I have been assigned.

Dodechahedron has written
a post in support of Macintosh's adopting a right click strategy (similar to Windows). I don't know about this. I believe that adopting a right click, while automatically make the current click the left click? And, as I'm sure we all know, left is the domain of the sinister. I am quite sure that Microsoft is under the thrall of Sinstraxion, Ghoulish Lord of the Livid Left. They encourage left clicks because each time you left click your mouse you bring the day closer when the portal will open and Sinstraxion will walk the earth again. So I think avoiding this issue is probably in the Apple Corporations best interest.

I don't want to imply that Sinstraxion has any influence over those who are left handed or those who lean left politically. Only those who use windows based mice.

Liberty Street
discusses a right wing blog who argues that a suspect must have been tortured to stop a possible recent attack on American soil. He's pretty much right; this is disturbing.

a story on new MP3 players and Cameras being made for toddlers. This is interesting. The author suggests that doing this will put an end to silly copyright infringement lawsuits. Nobody, save Ardea Coerulea, Feathered Fiend of the Lower Bayou, would want to sue a toddler. And even Ardea Coerulea would have successfully suing a toddler.

Words on a Page (AKA the Podunt Press) has
a piece on Haliburton. Apparently they should do quite well in the coming years, what with getting the contract to build a lot of detention centers for no particular reason.

. . . You are a Tree discusses an
interesting quiz to see what show you would fit in best. Apparently I would fit in ok on about five different ships, but I would be best in the X-Files. Since I know a fair amount about things that go bump in the night (and sometimes in the day), I think that makes a fair amount of sense.

Anyway I hope you have found this enjoyable.

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