Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday Mail Bag and Comments Corner

I wasn't here yesterday, but I'm here today, so let's get right to it, shall we?

Our first post comes from
Objector, who was responding to this post about the possibility of a War with Iran.
An attack on Iran will result in a horrific loss of life--of Iranian, probably Iraqis (Iraq will be chaos), and perhaps American soldiers there. It will foment terrorism like nothing we've seen so far and it will pit us squarely against the rest of the world, except Israel. I know the people and the language and I can tell you it will be a far greater mistake than Iraq. It will make Iraq seem like a walk in the park. I can't even express how bad and dangerous an idea invading Iran would be. Iran has done nothing to legitimize our invasion of it. We won't have a legal or moral leg to stand on, just like Iraq. Unbelievably, once again, the gov is using the menacing specter of nuclear weapons to justify invasion. This is no accident and they will be exposed as liars once again. They're not even close to nuclear energy, much less a nuclear weapon. This is another cruel, murderous show of force. It's going to be a BAD year.
I believe you about it being a bad year. I have already been turned down for two roles (Tartuffe in a modern version of Moliere's play and Frogman Jake in an off Broadway experimental play). But I suppose the future invasion of Iran has little to do with my dramatic failures. For one thing I should have gotten those parts, and the United States should not invade Iran!

Kenneth Quinnel responded to a conservative comic strip that Bryant felt the need to post thusly.
I'm always amazed when conservatives attempt comics, they always fail so miserably. I'm convinced that Mallard Fillmore is only published because newspapers are so scared of being accused of liberal bias.
Personally I believe that any artists who puts politics ahead of his art will fail. I remember when I felt very strongly about Lobster eating while performing as Macbeth in an off Broadway production of Hamlet. I lumberered out on state wearing a lobster bib to show solidarity with my boiled brethren. My performance was described as "wooden," "leaden," and "completely inexplicable." The lesson I learned was that politics is important, but art has to come first!

One more.
Random Goblin responded to the news that the Military may not be as solidly behind President Bush as was once thought.
I hate that kind of manipulative garbage, by the way. By which I mean the sign your neighbor had.
Most people don't like being manipulated. I learned that the hard way, when me and Countess Celestia (the Star Goddess) manipulated Captain Starfaller into conquering Venus for us. I kept having to hold my claws over my mouth so as not to laugh (no one laughs when they are smelling lobster claws). Anyway when he found out about our little trick, he punched me. Several times.

On to the Mail Bag. The first letter is a little baffling.
I am trying to find out if bloggers have a need for an easy to remember web address for their blogs. In other words could you benefit from telling family and friends an easy to remember address to get to your instead of http://politicalcomment.blogspot.com/? Your blog would be the same just the address would be easier for people to remember and make sense to your blog.

If this is something that interests you please email me by hitting reply or by visiting the following website: [website removed]

From one blogger to another...
Well I certainly want all of my family and friends to make sense to my blog. I'm frustrated sometimes at the lack of sense made to this blog; frankly some people who send in letters seem to have only a tenuous grasp of the English language.

But unfortunately this is not actually my blog, so I don't get to send you money and change the name to something else.

And what would a mailbag be like without people asking for my bank account information. Here's one such letter from Aya Bobmanuel from Madrid Spain. Let's annotate this sucker.
With due respect and humility, I write to you this proposal.
And what respect and humility am I due? On the Lobster Home world it is traditional to present your respectable friends with a tub of seaweed and your respectable friends with a tub of melted butter. Should I go out and check my mailbox?
I am the Manager of bill and exchange at the foreign remittance department of Caja De Fortuna Banco in Madrid. I am writing following the impressive information about you, l got your contact in my quest for a reliabe and capable person to assist me in this deal.
Where did you get such impressive information about me? And how do you know it is true? I will admit to being reliabe, but not capable.
Though I know that a business of this magnitude will make any one apprehensive, but I am assuring you that all will be well at the end of the day.
Which day will all be well at the end of? Today? Next Tuesday?
We have decided to contact you by email due to the urgency of this "deal", as we have been reliably informed of your honesty and ability in a transaction of this nature.
Why is deal in quotation marks? Is it not a real deal? I think at this point you see your problem, Aya (May I call you Aya?). You are not definitive enough. When I want something I find it best to ask simply and directly (usually with a threat).

Anyway that's it for another week - hope you make it a great one.

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