Friday, December 23, 2005

Round the Horn. A Space Lobster Joint.

Hello all.

As we mentioned earlier, good old McIckleson is on the road because of holiday stuff; so we switched duties for the next two weeks. And Cheery is gone too. So I have total control over the website. Ha ha ha ha ha.

For those who don't know, my name is Space Lobster and I was a Space villain on a kids tv show back in the sixties. I fought the evil Captain Starfaller (evil in the sense that he kept me from doing what I wanted to do at times (which was conquer earth and subjugate all humans under my control and have a lot of money)). Anyway after languishing in the wilderness for quite a long time, I'm back out there where my fans can find me.

Normally I answer the mail on Monday; but today I am doing the blog around. So let's see what's out there.

firedoglake has an article on how Democrats should not praise President Bush as a good man. It's an interesting theory; I guess the key question is what is the most important thing to Democrats.

The News Blog has a story about how a Fox Affiliate ran a positive story about the racially superior organization Stormfront. Maybe I didn't say that right. They are an organization dedicated to the proposition that white humans are better than other humans and are threatened by other humans.

You know who is a racial supremacist? Captain Starfaller. For thousands of years the world has been run exclusively by humans. So when some other races show up, like the Space Lobsters or Solar Wasps or Venusians, ready to take their turn running things, he tries to prevent it.

And some people call him a hero.

rubber hose has news on those executive orders that the Republican National Committee has signed. Apparently there is more to those orders than the Republican Party is saying.

The Yellow Doggeral Democrat has a picture which may have at one time involved a person less than completely dressed. And also the obsession of cats with running water.

Speedkill has some commentary on this wire tapping business. Apparently the question is why didn't President Bush just use the procedures in place.

Anyway that's probably enough. Have a nice day everybody in the world!

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