Friday, December 16, 2005

Round the Horn. An Irwin J. McIckleson Production

Hello, this is Irwin J. McIckleson, fictional 1910's plutocrat, and I am supposed to apologize for being late this morning; Cheery was quite clear on that score. I find, however, that apologizing is quite bad for my digestion and so I will simply offer condolences to those who's lives were upset by my failure to appear.

I am in a horrible mood having had to fire my chauffeur of nine years for getting an inconvenient cold. I suspect my soft heart will cause me to find him some other job to do; possibly in the foundry. Very few colds in there. And my new chauffeur is, believe it or not, a female! I can hardly believe it myself; but I believe in the managing of vehicles there is no logical reason a female should not be as capable as a man. And the girl, Helen Pinksington, comes recommended. So we shall have to see how she does.

Anyway to work.

first post comes from archy who discusses some of the justifications for the casualties in the Iraq War. He also discusses "Werewolf" units that existed in Germany after the Second Great War. One would have thought those would be more prevelent in Eastern Europe.

Bark Bark Woof Woof has
some news on the long term viability of some of President Bush's advisors and supporters. It's a mixed bag, apparently.

Iddybud also has
a discussion of the President and his inspirational leadership. Or the lack thereof. Apparently John Edwards ha suggested that Americans are hungry for something; a Bush supporter responded that they were being filled with the inspirational War on Terror. I must say that I don't see much evidence of that inspiration from my vantage point.

I'd like to congratulate The Countess on
joining the investor class. Apparently she has bought a Certificate of Deposit, a form of investment I am not entirely au corrente on. I can say, however, that thinking about investment is something more royalty should do, if they wish to survive the coming ages. Nobility is all very well, but having lots of servants and scented baths is better (not that I would indulge in such things, of course).

Sooner Thought has
a discussion of the fact that the Government may be spying on its citizens. Of course the government is spying on its citizens. That is what governments do; it is about maintaining control. As for how deep this surveillance goes or how many people it affects; don't expect to ever find out.

The Podunt Press has
an article on how the two parties seem unable to get along; and how the political philosophies attached to those parties may be changing.

At any rate, that is enough for today; I want to see how my new chauffeur works out, and I wish to do some Christmas shopping. Have a productive day and weekend.

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