Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Carnival of Liberals 2

Hello everybody. Cheery asked me to inform you when the Carnival of Liberals 2 was put up (not in the least because this blog is among the blogs highlighted). I would advise reading all the blogs, as they are very interesting, despite the lack of references to Space or Lobsters.

In bad news, I found out today that Captain Starfaller is playing the Nutcracker in the play of the same name. Not the famous version, but a small off-Broadway production of a play attributed to David Mamet called the Nutcracker. It sounds dreadful (and I, personally, don't believe that David Mamet was involved at all). Still it's better to be working than not working, and since Captain Starfaller is my mortal enemy this news is kind of a blow. Still I suppose I should be happy for his success; it will make my inevitable success all the more sweeter.

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