Friday, December 30, 2005

Around the Horn. A Space Lobster Joint

Yes, it turns out I am not dead, after all. Stupid Humans. I was participating in the ritual of Mock T'All brought on by drinking the . . . soy sauce, apparently. I had entered a deep meditative trance in an attempt to understand my role in the universe. I was just about there when my crate was lowered onto a tramp steamer bound for Tasmania. They dropped me pretty roughly (thanks for the Fragile Stamp, gang. Oh wait, there wasn't one), and the impact woke me up. So I burst out of the box and jumped over the side. I just got back a few hours ago, and I know Bryant won't be in till noon. So I'm going to pretend to be dead again just to teach him a lesson.

Anyway here's this weeks links; and I'll try to do a few more than I did last week.

Dodecahedron has
a story on Medical Marijuana that doubles as an article on drug legalization in general. He makes a good argument; but I warn any lobsters that marijuana is difficult for us to enjoy. Your best bet is to sprinkle the flakes over a rice cake and eat it, rather than trying to smoke it.

Not that I've ever tried it. I just heard some guys talking about it. Some lobster guys.

correntewire has
a piece on the President's decision to use legally questionable wiretaps. Specifically it covers the arguments conservative flacks are making on the President's behalf. The few and brief times I ruled a society, I enjoyed keeping tabs on people. It helps you know who is plotting against you (although in my case, I basically knew it was Captain Starfaller). Anyway the first rule of being a despot is never stop talking about yourself. The second rule is don't explain yourself. You'll be doing it all day long.

T. Rex's Guide to Life
also deals with Conservative defenses of President Bush's illegal wiretapping plan. This defense revolves around former President Clinton who is accused of doing the same thing. Every time I tried to get out of Captain Starfaller's wrath by saying that all us evil space monsters were doing it, he just punched me.

And continuing in the same theme, Scrutiny Hooligans has
a piece on how Congress may not have intended to let President Bush do whatever he wants, whenever he wants when they passed that bill on September 18, 2001. Having a congress is a real hardship when you are a tyrant.

Liberty Street
writes on this issue as well, discussing how information gained through this illegal wiretapping method will make it harder to prosecute suspects captured based on information gathered through illegal wiretapping. That last sentence could have been worded better. But Lobsters never look back!

Rook's Rant has
the news that what's sauce for the goose is not, in fact, sauce for the gander. Or, to put it another way, the Vice President is fine with spying on other people, but would rather not be spied on himself. I guess that makes sense. I like crushing people with my mighty pincers, but I do not think I would enjoy being crushed by somebody else's mighty pincers.

a story on how President Bush may have just happened to have nominated someone to the Supreme Court who is cool with him wiretapping and spying on Americans. That's convenient.

a piece on the differences between why men and women use the internet. According to news reports about a survey, Men like the internet for "the breadth of experiences it offers" (mostly porn experiences, one assumes), while Women like the internet "for the human connections" (mostly porn connections, one assumes (and if one doesn't assume this one and does assume the other one, isn't that an interesting insight into how one thinks?)). Echidne has explored the internet and discovered that the survey may not be as cut and dry as one thinks. Few things are.

Musing's Musings has
a story about people who were convicted in 1918 under the sedition laws of the time (for praising the Kaiser). It's too bad I'm doing it this week and not McIckleson, actually. Be interesting to hear what a fictional 1910's plutocrat thinks of that story.

Science and Politics has
a piece on how Norwegian Cops are too weak to tip a cow. Or, alternatively, Norwegian Cows are mightier than other Cows. Either explanation is possible.

And that's it. I think we are going to be light posting on Monday; but I will return eventually to comment on your comments and mail on your mails. Well read your mail and then respond to it. Never look back!!!

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