Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday Mail Bag

Hey all. Lot's of good comments this week, and plenty of mail, so I won't have time to pass on office gossip. But I will anyway.

Puke and Grumbly Muffin have been hanging out here a lot; Puke has cleaned up her act a bit. The office they work in is pretty casual, but not that casual. The Monster doesn't know they are hanging out here; Bryant thinks that if he finds out, particularly about Grumbly, he'll get pretty upset. So potential for drama down the road.

Anyway here are some comments for the last week. The first comes from McIckleson's
last Round the Horn feature. Incidentally, we are considering having me and McIckleson rotate duties for a bit. Anyway Alex, who apparently one of the websites linked to was grateful for the link. But let's put it in his own words.
Thanks fior the mention!
Your welcome Alex, of the SoonerThought, always happy to lend a hand.

Justin replied to a
post presented without comment; which contained the words of the posters at Free Republic.
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy... we must be cautious.

It's like walking into a nazi-youth meeting and listening to them rail on how other people are horrible and intolerant...

Or I could be more concise and just say "It's like walking into a nazi-youth meeting."
Star Wars. Star Wars is not science fiction. Space Lobsters and Spider Queens of Mars vs. Captain Starfaller; that's real science fiction.

And those Star Wars aliens. Sitting around drinking (not to mention that one hookah contraption, one of the aliens was using)? What kind of example does that set for the youth? I, on the other hand, spent my screen time showing that with a little hard work and gumption with a soupcon of evil, you can almost conquer the Planet Earth on a weekly basis. Yeah, none of my schemes actually worked; but many of them almost did. So who's really setting the good example?

Our final comment comes from perennial favorite, Random Goblin, who responded to
an appreciative link made to a blog that was not his own.
I also posted about this yesterday.
As it turns out, he did in fact post about this on the day before he made that comment. So we duly linked to him as well, and we'd like to say for the record that you should look at Random Goblin's blog constantly.

Moving on to the mail bag, we open with a letter from N. Award.
Please forgive me for invading your privacy; It is with heartfelt hope that I write to seek your co-operation and assistance in the context stated below,which I hope you will give your urgent attention: May I first introduce myself.My name is Sesay D. Massaquoe,I am moved to write you this proposal in confidence considering me and my family's present circumstance and situation.
I'm sorry, Mr. Award, I cannot forgive you for invading my privacy, so you are on your own. I've been hurt too many times in the privacy department; like all those times Captain Starfaller broke into my chambers while I was in the Hyper special Bath and Facial System (or HSPAFS) and made off with the plans I was supposed to be guarding. Jerk. So I can't forgive him, and I can't forgive you Mr. Award. You can just rot in the Netherlands for all I care!

Actually I wouldn't mind rotting in the Netherlands. I understand the wacky tabacky is readily available there.

I got a second letter from an M.K. from Sierra Leone apparently. Here it is.
Dear Beloved

How are you hope all is well with you and your family? I am a girl from sierra Leone, I am 25 years old am a house girl as my profession, but I have this thing to tell you which I believe it can be helpful to both off us.

Like I told you at the beginning that I am a house help am working under a woman but she is dead now and she is a very well know woman and she is a diamond merchant in Ghana but she lives in sierra Leone.
I think you need to open your english books to page 234 and learn a little bit about our annoying friend, the run-on sentence.

Also I do appreciate that you want to ingratiate yourself with me, but unless you have an exo-skeleton, mighty pincers and so on, you probably aren't actually my beloved.

Anyway that's it for another week; hope you all have fun this week, and remember to keep posting those comments and asking for my bank account information.

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