Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Why I Hate the "Sheeple"

Hi all!! : )

So why do I hate the Sheeple? Well first of all let me make it clear that I hate the word Sheeple, not what it refers to. Secondly, let me know that Walter E. Williams has triggered these thoughts with his latest article, "
A nation of sheeple." It's mostly about his opposition to the Bush plan of using the Military in emergencies on American soil. I'm frankly more worked up over the term Sheeple.

Sheeple is used to mean the mass of Americans or Humanity. In other words people just like you and me. It's used to indicate that most people are dull conformists as opposed to themselves (who are, I guess, special people, better than the rest of us). The thing is I've met thousands of people over the course of my life and not very many of them have really been dull conformists. I mean they might look like normal people, like conformists, but once you get to know them, there's usually some wired bits inside, that you discover if you get to know them.

At any rate, anybody who claims to want to help America and uses the term Sheeple, well, their commitment to the people who actually live here may not be all that strong.

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