Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Who Do You Stand With?

Hi all! : )

Just finished reading Joel Mowbray's latest article on the Peace Movement and MoveOn.Org. We all know that the ANSWER is a group that has had a lot of influence over the peace movement. They are well organized and are usually the group that gets the permits to march and protest. ANSWER is connected to a Marxist / Maoist group. Their leader has defended both Saddam Hussein and Slobadon Milosevic (and several other mass murderers, terrorists, and Nazis.

So the question is how can you support a peace movement led by someone like this? It makes us look bad. It makes us look un-American to be standing next to people like this. I'd rather stand next to President Bush than stand next to ANSWER.

Modern Liberalism runs the risk of being marginalized completely if they don't walk away from such organizations as ANSWER. And as a liberal, I'm upset at the idea of being marginalized. Please, you Anti-War protesters, come to your senses!

Anyway I do think this war was a mistake, and I think we need to let our feelings be known about it, but we don't need to do it standing next to the defenders of fascism and barbarism.

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