Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Save the Rich

I note with little surprise that Neal Boortz is in trouble for the ghastly crime of MAKING SENSE. Liberals, you see, are anti-thought and pro-emotion. So when someone like Neal Boortz sits down and thinks rationally about what our societal priorities should be in the face of a disaster, well, it infuriates Liberals.
You see, that's the kind of thing that's going to end up in news stories: "Neal Boortz said that in times of disaster we should save the rich people first." Well, hell, yes, we should save the rich people first. You know, they're the ones that are responsible for this prosperity. I mean, you go out there and you look at this vast sea of evacuees, OK? You want to get an economy going in some city? Well, who you gonna take back? The people who own businesses? Or the people that sit around waiting to get their minimum wage job, work 'til Friday, get a paycheck and then not show up again until the following Wednesday?
See that's the thing Liberals hate admitting; poor people pretty much DESERVE to be poor. If they deserved to be wealthy, well they would work hard and contribute to society. Instead they sit around and waste time, and they get what they deserve.

I also like how Mr. Boortz deflates the Liberal myth of the "working poor." Yeah a lot of poor people have jobs. But do they do them? Are they dependable? Do they serve the customer well? Do they actually show up a full 40 hours a week? Well you can answer that question yourself.

The truth is we are always going to have poor people. I'm going to really offend liberals now; I'm going to quote scripture. In Matthew 26:11, it reads, "For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always." That seems very clear to me; we are basically going to have poor people with us, or, to be more clear, we are going to have people who choose to be poor with us always.

I sometimes wonder if Liberals well-meaning efforts to eliminate poverty are in fact an offense to God. Jesus said we will always have poverty; can Liberals succeed in pitting their might against God?

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