Friday, October 14, 2005

Round the Horn. An Irwin J. McIckleson Production

Salutations. This is Irwin J. McIckleson, fictional 1910's Plutocrat, writing about the blogs of the Future. Specifically I am referring to the Blogs of the Liberal Coalition, of which this blog is apparently one.

Rick's Cafe Americaine has
a piece on his reaction to some gentlemen who shared an auto-ascender with him. Apparently they were discussing a popular female's use of cocaine. Good for her. Cocaine truly is the most marvelous invention of the modern age. I use it regularly; it always gives me plenty of energy, cleans out the humors, and provides the pep I need to run my businesses.

has more about that blackguard Karl Rove who has apparently, for those who don't know, revealed the identity of an American Spy in an attempt to smear a political opponent. Mr. Rove works for President Bush, and it turns out president Bush may not be as fond of him as previously though. In fact Mr. Bush might be concerned that Mr. Rove is overshadowing him. Mr. Rove is apparently described as Bush's Brain. I have to say I am with Mr. Bush on this one. You can't let an underling get ideas above their station. That's why if a supervisor starts getting a little too personal or big-headed, I invite them out to my country residence for the weekend. That usually solves the problem, one way or another.
rubber hose
has called for the nomination of a Mr. Chewbacca to the Supreme Court. He is apparently a Wookie and there are no Wookies currently serving on the Supreme Court. I have to say I find this reasoning flawed. I have no problems with a wookie or a Negro or even a woman serving on the court, but I'd like to see their qualifications above and beyond their personal history. Does this Mr. Chewbacca have strong legal qualifications?

Speaking of Negroes, Scrutiny Hooligans has a story the numbers of Negroes supporting President Bush. It is apparently very very low.

The News Blog has information on the person that President Bush has actually nominated for the Supreme Court; apparently she has served him well in proofreading Christmas Cards. That is important, but I'm not sure it prepares one to be on the Supreme Court.

Speedkill has been
reading the drawings and stories by fundamentalist Christians; he finds them amusing.

The Yellow Doggeral Democrat has
the news that the Bush administration is considering Nuclear weapons tactically. I don't necessarily understand what he is talking about, but he is very persuasive none the less. It does seem a like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

The Invisible Library has
a review of a recent movie named Serenity by a person named Orson Scott Card. I don't know why this is significant, but Bryant sent me a Electronic Mail and said I had to link to this post. So I'll trust that you future people will know what to make of it.

And that is it for another week. Enjoy your weekend. I shall be spending it out at my country estate with one of my supervisors. Should be enjoyable. For me at any rate.

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